Even for people who do not have a direct experience with the sport of rugby, people who might not even be fans, people who might only be casually aware of the sport, typically know that New Zealand has one of the most popular and best rugby teams. Many people might want to know why New Zealand is a great rugby team and that comes down to five pretty specific things, not all of them technical in nature all of them resulting in one of the best teams in the world. A country that has produced teams that have been very competitive and winning for several decades.

There are many different ways to create a great sports team, some countries and franchises do it via spending a lot of money and often times this will work, but not always. Throughout the different sporting games around the world we have seen where a lot of money has built great teams, but also we have seen where a lot of money has actually not really helped a team reach their potential. So beyond money there are other things at play that can help develop a very strong sporting culture, a winning team and a culture of winning.

When it comes to New Zealand rugby team one thing that comes to mind is how much the country gets behind their team. Some people might want to discount that but throughout the various professional sports in the world, fan engagement is something that really does push success. Even statistically, things when more when they are playing in front of their home audience than when they’re playing in front of another teams fans. When it comes to New Zealand rugby team the fans are super engaged, they truly get behind the team, they live and die by at every point and it is something that truly connects the people.

Speaking about the fans, culture and all those other unifying things, the New Zealand rugby team is very much tied into the culture of the country. Even passive fans know about the pregame ritual, is the thing that has been showcased all around the globe even in countries where rugby is not that popular. Why is this so? It is so because is a very powerful ritual, is something that is visually and audibly captivated, it is something that has a lot of intensity and that gets a lot of attention. Things as simple as this is something that can make a team stronger, is something they can get the players in the right mindset to do their job and push them to play even harder. Many different sports have attempted to create their own ritual such this to frame the atmosphere put the team in the best possible shape to when.

New Zealand truly takes rugby personally, seriously and it is a life or death thing. When a country decides that their sports team is a priority, that winning is a huge part of their identity, that there’s an ethos and running mythology with their sporting team, that it is a part of the fabric of the nation, it truly takes on a life of its own. The players play even harder, the fans cheer even harder, and ultimately they are all in it together. Just like the ritual that was talked about earlier, these kinds of things really make a team something special.

Many of these things, other countries have tried to do for their team but not with the same level of success. New Zealand is simply a nation that takes a lot of pride in rugby, they put a lot of money behind it, put a lot of energy behind it and it is a source of pride. It is the culmination of all of these things that makes it a great sport and what makes New Zealand’s rugby team one of the best.