2015 World Cup Rugby Tournament

The review of the biggest and best Rugby World Cup tournament ever with record attendances, reach and competitiveness.

Biggest & Best

Rugby World Cup 2015 has been the most competitive, best-attended, most-watched, most socially-engaged, most commercially-successful Rugby World Cup ever. Amazing atmosphere played out by the world’s best players and the friendships that have been created along the way.

Team Effort

Rugby World Cup 2015 gave gratitude to the 20 teams, 19 match officials, 6,000 volunteers, 11 host cities, 13 match venues, 42 team bases, 15 fanzones and millions of fans who have performed an essential part in giving a successful and thrilling Rugby World Cup 2015.

World Impact

Rugby World Cup 2015 had record numbers of fans and viewers involved in the tournament. It has welcomed millions of fans to host cities, Fanzones and venues, such as approximately 460,000 fans venturing from overseas. More than one million fans enjoyed the 15 official fanzones.

Relive some unforgettable moments

As the curtain came down on a spectacular tournament, World Rugby 2015 have hailed the success of the biggest Rugby World Cup ever which saw records broken on and off the pitch. 


Read stories and unforgettable moments of the best of the sport has been on display

Some of the best Tries of RWC 2015: Videos

Looking for some of the best tries of the Rugby World Cup 2015 captured on video?

Look no further. Check out these next few Youtube videos for the perfect collection.


Here are the top 5 tries.


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The 6 Most Amazing Moments From The 2015 Rugby World Cup

There were so many great moments during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Which moments really stood out? If you want to know what the top six most memorable moments in the cup were, then you've come to the right place. Read on to find out what they were, so you can relive them.

1. Japan Defeated South Africa

Perhaps the biggest moment of all was the match between Japan and South Africa. In fact, people around the world were waiting for this match, even though they competed in the opening weekend. Nonetheless, the match was highly anticipated and it was worth the wait. If you remember, the media was building up the match between the two teams for a longtime leading up to the match.

Japan ended up defeating South Africa, and many people thought it was an upset. The final score was Japan 34 and South Africa 32, so the game was very close and it was intense. South Africa was defeated after Japan scored in the added minutes round. There were many moments in which it looked like South Africa was going to win, but Japan proved to be the better team in the match.

2. The Fatal Error

On September 26 the match between England and Wales took place and so did a fatal error. The error in question happened during the Pool of Death. Chris Robshaw, England's captain, ended up making a bad call.

The error that Robshaw made was that he should have did a penalty instead of choosing a line-out to bid. If he chose to do the penalty, then England could have tied the game, but unfortunately England ended up losing the game. The score was Wales 25 and England 28, and this was the very first sign that England was going to be in some serious trouble. Nobody can say what would have happened if Robshaw did things differently, but the one thing we do know is that Wales ended up winning that match.

3. NZ vs France

Another memorable moment was when New Zealand and France squared off on October 17. In the quarter-final, NZ played aggressively, both defensible and defensively and the hard work paid off. NZ ended up getting 62 points, while France finished with 13 points.

During the match, Julian Savea played one of his best games of the year. He barged aside three defenders, and he made it looked fairly easy. Right from the beginning of the match up until the very end, it became quickly obvious that NZ was heading towards a victory. Nonetheless, the game was exciting to watch and NZ definitely deserved the win.

4. Dan Carter's Moment

Who can forget the moment Dan Carter scored a goal on October 24. Dan Carter and the All Blacks refused to be beaten by South Africa, and nobody expected Carter to score a drop goal against the team because of how rare drop goals are. You will definitely want to watch a video of it because it is truly a spectacle to behold.

Besides Carter's goal, another memorable moment that happened during the match was when Richie McGaw elbowed an opponent. That moment went viral on social media. However, it later turned out that no contact was made.

5. Penalty Against Australia

On October 18, one of the biggest controversies in the history of the World Cup took place. What happened was referee handed down a penalty to Australia, and Bernard Foley ended up kicking it home. The result ended up being Australia beating Scotland with a score of Australia 25 and Scotland 34. The penalty should have never happened, at least that's what many people believe.

In fact, it probably shouldn't have happened. This is because the World Rugby decided to make the error public. A lot of observes believed this was major blunder. If Australia wasn't handed a penalty, then there was a good chance that Scotland would have went onto win the game.

6. England Losing To Australia

On October 3, Australia defeated England, with the score being 33-13 and this was a memorable moment because it meant that England failed to reach the knockout stages of the World Cup. In fact, it was the first time the hosts of a World Cup failed to do it. This was a major disappointment and even to this day people from around the world still remember it. You can tell England was playing very good and that they wanted to win, but Australia played extremely well and aggressively.

Those were the top six most memorable moments of the 2015 World Cup. Which moments were your favorite? Feel free to find videos of the above moments and watch them so you can relive them all over again. The chances are you will love all of the above moments after you watch them.

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Rugby World Cup 2015 - Video Game - A Review

Rugby World Cup 2015 is a game based on the sport of Rugby Union from HB Studios. Upon release, the game was not well received, and even now after the company has had a long time to patch and repair the issues, a lot of the criticisms still stand.

From the beginning, the title fails to impress. The tutorial screens are static and boring, and the controls are, while improved from previous incarnations, far from intuitive. Players do have the chance to learn the game in a practice mode, but they are left questioning the point of some of the modes and control options – why would one use the ‘free play’ mode when there is the option to play a friendly match which is much the same thing?

The developers do try to break up the monotony of the season with some focused training sessions. These, however, lack depth and they don’t really feel particularly satisfying. As with many other sports games, the AI is not particularly intelligent. They do try to do things, but it’s superficial. Anyone who is particularly enthusiastic about rugby will notice that they’re not particularly smart or following good rugby behaviour. You can tell the AI players to adhere to common formations, but offense and defense isn’t their strong point. You’ll find yourself getting frustrated with the AI’s behaviour quickly.

If you get tired of the video game and are looking for the real thing remember to make sure your DSTV installation is working and your membership is up to date, so that you can catch all the games live and recorded on Supersport.

Ball Handling

Let’s face it. The most satisfying thing in Rugby is scoring a try. Sadly, while it’s easy to score in this game it doesn’t feel responsive, and it doesn’t feel fluid. The animations are improved over previous incarnations, but after playing a few games you will notice that player encounters have their outcome calculated before the animation for the encounter finishes. This means that if you’re about to get tackled by a player on the opposing team, then controls will appear to lock up. It’s immersion breaking, and unforgivable in a game as modern as this.

The game suffers some nasty bugs, too. If you get tackled while in the scoring area then your controls may lock up so that your opponent cannot interact with you and you cannot move. There are workarounds, but they don’t always work and sometimes the only option is to reset the play.

World Cup Mode

The big draw for the game is the world cup mode. This mode is fun when the game is working as intended, but bugs and issues such as those listed above really hamper the experience. The improvements to the game from previous editions, such as the bug fixes in rucks, make it a little better than before. However, the ruck mini game offers two options; boringly easy, or borderline impossible .

There’s no online mode in the game. This means that you have the option of playing against AI opponents (frustrating, for many reasons) or playing with another human in local multiplayer. Online mode does not exist. Playing with another player is no less frustrating than playing against the AI, because so much of the game depends on luck or reaction time rather than on knowledge of rugby, tactics, or planning. Add-in a heavy-handed referee and you have a game that is more irritating than fun.

There are other rugby games that offer a much more satisfying experience. In many ways some of the management games are more enjoyable because they abstract the parts of this game that are poorly executed. If you’re looking for a more ‘hands on’ experience, then it makes sense to skip a few years, and hope that with time there will be enough tweaks and bug fixes to make this series playable.

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Where To Watch The Top 8 Rugby World Cup 2015 Tries

The Rugby World Cup 2015 was probably the best one in the entire history of this sport. All the brilliant teams that made it to this tournament tried hard to conquer the first spot, and become the world's leader. This was an excellent opportunity for a high-quality show that delighted rugby fans from all over the world.

While waiting for the next world cup, you should watch again the top Rugby World Cup 2015 tries, as they are nothing short of amazing. Some fans of this sport have recorded the games, so they can watch them over and over again. However, the wide majority of rugby fans will need to search for such highlights online. Luckily, this isn't a problem at all, as you are going to see in a moment.

If you have a computer or a mobile device connected to the internet, you won't need more than a couple of minutes to find the top 8 Rugby World Cup 2015 tries. As a matter of fact, some videos showcase more than 8 tries, while others show only the top 3 or 5. Anyway, this tournament featured 271 tries. This means an average of 5.6 tries per game.

One of the moments worth mentioning here is the Gareth Davies vs. England. The Welsh were in a really difficult situation, with many members of their team injured and unable to give their best on the filed. Under these circumstances, Davies' try was special, indeed.

Nehe Milner-Skudder was another player who scored a memorable try at the Rugby World Cup 2015. This was the first try scored during the final of this tournament. It was impressive because it was more than a one-man show; it was the result of a combined effort of several players.

Daniel Teilliferre Hauman van der Merwe was also one of the players who scored an impressive try. Once he got the ball, he managed to shred the Italians to pieces by breaking up the left side and dominating the game. This gave Canada a nice competitive edge, and all rugby fans the opportunity to watch a moment of high-quality rugby.

Karne Hesketh's try against South Africa was also one of the most memorable moments of this tournament. Many rugby fans still remember it, as this kiwi-born player has secured one of the greatest upsets in the entire history of rugby, helping Japan get the sought-after victory.

The try of Julian Savea vs. France is yet another great moment worth mentioning here. This player managed to run through three French defenders, nobody being able to stop him. He was unstoppable, indeed.

There are many other such moments that are worth watching time and again. If you want to find all these sequences, head over to YouTube or to your favorite video aggregator, and search for the greatest Rugby World Cup 2015 tries. There are many fans of this sport who have compiled their own version. You may find these versions different from each other, but this is a normal thing. Each of us has his own preferences and criteria when it comes to rugby or any other sport for that matter. However, we all agree that the 2015 tournament was one of the most outstanding and exciting events in the history of this noble sport. The All Blacks team made history in the final match, and became world champions with an impressive 34-17 win over Australia. Both teams fought hard for the victory, the match being one of the most dynamic ever.

Have you watched the Rugby World Cup 2015? What are your top favorite tries? What about your favorite teams and players?

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Five Reasons Why New Zealand Is the Best Rugby Team

Even for people who do not have a direct experience with the sport of rugby, people who might not even be fans, people who might only be casually aware of the sport, typically know that New Zealand has one of the most popular and best rugby teams. Many people might want to know why New Zealand is a great rugby team and that comes down to five pretty specific things, not all of them technical in nature all of them resulting in one of the best teams in the world. A country that has produced teams that have been very competitive and winning for several decades.

There are many different ways to create a great sports team, some countries and franchises do it via spending a lot of money and often times this will work, but not always. Throughout the different sporting games around the world we have seen where a lot of money has built great teams, but also we have seen where a lot of money has actually not really helped a team reach their potential. So beyond money there are other things at play that can help develop a very strong sporting culture, a winning team and a culture of winning.

When it comes to New Zealand rugby team one thing that comes to mind is how much the country gets behind their team. Some people might want to discount that but throughout the various professional sports in the world, fan engagement is something that really does push success. Even statistically, things when more when they are playing in front of their home audience than when they're playing in front of another teams fans. When it comes to New Zealand rugby team the fans are super engaged, they truly get behind the team, they live and die by at every point and it is something that truly connects the people.

Speaking about the fans, culture and all those other unifying things, the New Zealand rugby team is very much tied into the culture of the country. Even passive fans know about the pregame ritual, is the thing that has been showcased all around the globe even in countries where rugby is not that popular. Why is this so? It is so because is a very powerful ritual, is something that is visually and audibly captivated, it is something that has a lot of intensity and that gets a lot of attention. Things as simple as this is something that can make a team stronger, is something they can get the players in the right mindset to do their job and push them to play even harder. Many different sports have attempted to create their own ritual such this to frame the atmosphere put the team in the best possible shape to when.

New Zealand truly takes rugby personally, seriously and it is a life or death thing. When a country decides that their sports team is a priority, that winning is a huge part of their identity, that there's an ethos and running mythology with their sporting team, that it is a part of the fabric of the nation, it truly takes on a life of its own. The players play even harder, the fans cheer even harder, and ultimately they are all in it together. Just like the ritual that was talked about earlier, these kinds of things really make a team something special.

Many of these things, other countries have tried to do for their team but not with the same level of success. New Zealand is simply a nation that takes a lot of pride in rugby, they put a lot of money behind it, put a lot of energy behind it and it is a source of pride. It is the culmination of all of these things that makes it a great sport and what makes New Zealand's rugby team one of the best.

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About RWC 2015

RWC 2015 are remembered for a range of reasons including spectacular tries, exciting contests and memorable team performances with having such events in abundance. The overall high quality and positivity of rugby on.

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